Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Download

Happy Labor Day! And unofficial last day of summer!

My kiddies go back to school tomorrow, so we tried to make the most of our weekend stay-cation!  Fortunately we live near some great locations that the big city folk flock to for their getaways. Wow, did we ever get around!

First I started the weekend with a bang.  I went short with the locks, straightened for the first time ever, and went with RED highlights.  Whoa!  Did the family flip.  I am still getting use to this look!

My alter ego
We then started the weekend with some final school shopping and lunch with the kiddos. We tried a new place that a co-worker recommended - Senor Taco's Cantina.  The decor was fun. The draw to this place is it's salsa bar.  We had fun experimenting.  There were like 20 different salsa's.

Chile relleno plate

Wasn't the greatest stuff, we've had MUCH better, but always a filling choice. We rewarded our goal oriented shopping day with some more fro-yo, but who needs an excuse?
expresso/sea salt caramel pretzel and strawberries
We decided to do some maritime exploring for the weekend.  Lots of history in the Great Lakes and lots of great scenery to enjoy!

We visited during the olympics, can you tell? :)

We had gone to visit a lighthouse earlier in the summer and were hooked.  We decided to visit another this weekend, the Cana Island Lighthouse. This one was much larger and views were fantastic.


The island was fun exploring too, there is a walkway out to the island, but water levels are so low in the midwest right now, you can walk out into usually submerged rocky areas.

I could have taken a ton more pics, but I grabbed the wrong battery that morning!  I can tell you there was family hiking, lots of exploring, more beautiful scenery and old fashioned mint chip ice cream while we watched an amazing sunset.  Have I said it here before? I love Door County!  Sometimes its a good thing when your camera dies, you can just enjoy the moments!!

Next day I went back to my curly self.  Liking the RED highlights!

We went to the Maritime Museum and explored a WWII submarine.  Love the history lessons.  The guide was a Korean War Navy vet, and was very knowledgeable and a hoot.

Amazing what our vets have done for us.

We searched for other lighthouses on the coast and did some lounging around.

Then we made a long overdue trip to one of Milwaukee's favorites -Water Street Brewery!

I was soo excited to find this Veggie Mezzo Burger on the menu - falafel burger!  Yes, again - anything chickpea makes me happy :)

The burger was paired with some root veggie chips and of course we have the cold beer - root beer that is! lol  Hubby's german sausage meal is in the background.  Mmmmm.

And more mmmm... look at that beast!
We were in the neighborhood, so we made a stop at Trader Joe's - yay! Nearly 2 hours away from home so we couldn't pass up the opportunity.   
 I think I'm in love.
Between the kids and I these lovelies were gone before we pulled into the driveway.  Reeally wish we had bought more.
Hubby was back at work this morning and we are getting ourselves laundered, straightened and groceried for the first week back at school. 
But we had to end it with some relaxing for the adults with a viewing of Hunger Games.

How about you?  What adventures did you have this weekend?

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  1. Your hair is sooo cute!!!

    You look like you had a fun weekend :)