Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Day I Broke my Husband

This week has been full of firsts. But how is that unlike any other week lately?

First, on our way home on Memorial Day, the awesome Heather tweeted about the Runner's World Running Streak. Basically it was a challenge to run at least 1 mile each day from Memorial Day until the 4th of July.

LOVED the idea. So as I determined to do it and mentioned it to my hubby. Much to my surprise he said he would do it with me?! Yay!! I have been trying to get him to run with me for a while.

Now lest you start to think that I'm some uber-awesome runner (like Heather), let's make it clear that I am NOT. Last year I started the couch-to-5k and it was brutal. I completed it, and then knee, hip and shin pain made me shy away from running.

This spring I decided I wanted to run a 5k. But Mrs. "Set's the Bar" too high started a training plan for a 10k and it was aggressive. I was at the 5.0 mi mark, struggling, but determined to keep pushing through, when I twisted my ankle on the stairs one day, 2 weeks out from the race I was planning to run, and I was completely discouraged and bowed out.

So sad.

But, I was actually relieved! Goals and charts and 1 mile increases each week were too much for this novice. And while I wish I had run the 5k, I was glad to be off that training schedule.

I have to admit these 1 mile runs have re-fueled this new love of running I had established, before I got ambitious.

Second, the lovely Robin at fitmixer challenged me to do a Wall Stand Letter L in this week's bootcamp. When I watched the video, I literally laughed out loud. Are you kidding me??! And she made it look so effortless! But I wasn't fooled. I knew that was no small feat.

But it was a challenge. IT WAS ON! It wasn't the prettiest thing, but I did it. That is all. I did it.

She also wanted us to do Wall Kick Ups, but all I got done were some donkey kicks. Sorry Robin. Baby steps here, baby steps.

Little man decided to join in on the fun too:

Yeah, he did it like 15 times. Show off.

Hubby joined in too. He was determined to do a handstand. He did really great too.

So now you're wondering. How did the hubby get broken?

Wednesday's bootcamp was the Ancient Pyramid (don't you love these names?). It looked like this:

  •  Star push ups - 10 reps
  • Knee slappers – 20 reps
  • Snowboarder jumps – 30 reps
  • Calf raises – 40 reps
  • Everest climbers – 50 reps
  • Calf raises – 40 reps
  • Snowboarder jumps – 30 reps
  • Knee slappers – 20 reps
  • Star push-ups – 10 reps

  • After our run, I told him I was going to go do the bootcamp workout. He said he would do it too. Wow!

    So we are doing well. Working out side by side. A COMPLETE first. It was great. Yes, he was sweating buckets. I was at a distinct glow. No shocker there. And we got to the top of Everest. Sweet! I tell him, now we work back down.

    Except when I looked over at him, he had this strange look on his face. He was breathing hard. And he looked kind of......GREEN.


    Keep going, he said, as he walked away.

    I kept going, and going, and going. And then I finished.


    It finally occurred to me that MAYBE I should check on him.

    I found him in the bathroom, sitting on the floor.


    Hubby lost his cookies trying to do the Bootcamp!

    Sympathy from the boy.  I think he's praying for him here?...

    As much as I sympathized with him, 'cause it is NOT easy, despite how easy Robin makes it look....I think we've established that...I was feeling FIERCE!

    I could physically do something that HE couldn't! WHAT?!!!

    You have to know, that up until a few years ago, with work, kiddies etc, he has been THE athlete in this pair. Basketball, Baseball, Football - you name it, he rocked it.

    So this was a huge moment for ME! Yeah, not a highlight for my man. But HUGE for ME!

    Robin has also encouraged us to speak positively to ourselves. And I have to admit I have had LOTS of negative mind speak throughout my weight struggles.

    But my a-ha moment in this story was this: I am a STRONG, FIT, WOMAN! I can't compare myself to other great fit athletic types. In that regard, I am no where close. But compared to where I started :

    I am GREATLY improved.

    Oh yeah. I am going to marinate on that one a while. And try not to gloat about out doing the hubby.

    I said try....

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Transparency Tuesday: Frustrations!

    Weight loss journeys are littered with frustrations.  As I challenge myself, and raise expectations, it gets even more difficult, especially when old habits die hard.

    What are my recent frustrations?

    1.  Doesn't this look delish?  

    It SO was.  I'm also positive it blew my calories for the day out of the water.  But at that point I was too afraid to look. 

    It's what happens when we try a new restaurant and I "think" I'm making better choices.  It's a portabello mushroom sandwich with hummus, according to the menu.  Unfortunately I either missed, or they didn't specify that the mushrooms would be breaded and fried.

    Did I mention it was REALLY good?

    2.  That leads me to my second frustration.

    Oh it's a lovely score from my first whole foods trip.  It's not terrible by itself, although I bit high in calories.  Unfortunately, it is not the best choice for me as it has also been accompanied by some hearty bread.  Calories are not created equal, especially when you're insulin resistant.  (Reminder to self: Stop it, you are working too hard in this boot camp to sabotage yourself)

    3.  High carbs mean I am not getting in my bootcamp ratio of 50% carbs/30%protein/20%fat.  Which means virtually no movement on the scale in week 2.  Bummer.

    4.  I have to admit, I get frustrated at least once in each days set of exercises.  There are some things I cannot do, especially where upper body strength is required.  I've always known I am weak in that area.  But these workouts are making me face that weakness and it can be FRUSTRATING.  Case in point? Friday's Bootcamp army crawls   WARNING: Word to the naive: Don't do this on carpet.  OUCH! That is all.

    5.  Over sized workout gear.  Have you ever tried to do Burpees in capris that now fit more like high water pants in a waist size two notches too big?   I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  But if it happens to you, this song might start playing in your head as you add the "pull your pants up" and "adjust your giant shirt that is wrapping around your body" moves to the repertoire.

    Well, it will now ;)

    #5 has been a long time coming.  It is a welcome reward of losing weight.  I really put it off because I know I have a way to go, and don't want to invest in clothes that I'm going to shrink out of.

    This weekend I headed out to the outlet stores to try on (gasp!) some new work out gear.  The gasp is because I usually just grabbed whatever item was the largest and cheapest on the clearance rack.  You know, the stuff you think is covering your lady, and not so lady like, lumps and bumps?Whatever.  It wasn't going to look good, and I knew it wouldn't fall off. 

    But do you know they make workout wear for each specific type of movement you could do?  Wow! Plethora of options.  It was actually fun - and very educational.

    I found a motivational shirt and some shorts, and am going to cross my fingers for the rest, because both Running with Sass and Runs for Cookies have entered the Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge to win $500 in new gear and I get a sweepstakes entry in exchange for telling you about it in this blog post!  You can check out the Under Armour What’s Beautiful site, and even sign up yourself.

    Meanwhile, I'll just wear this shirt I picked up this weekend to remind myself that I can overcome these frustrations if I tell myself to:

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    Sweat or Glow?

    Someone once told me that women don't sweat. 
    Horses sweat.
    Men perspire.
    Women glow.


    For most of my life that has been true in my case.

    One hour zumba class?  Glow. 
    3 mile run? Glow
    Piloxing? Glow.
    But you know what? 

    I did notice that other women were sweating.
    Like shirt drenched sweating.
    Know what else? 

    Some of them weren't even working as hard as I was.

    After living by the fact that as I woman I should only glow during physical exertion, I found that I was really annoyed that I couldn't sweat!  I mean, I AM trying to lose weight.  Sweat is a welcome indicator that you're burning FAT! So I WANT to sweat. Right?

    So I decided to look into it.

    Why am I NOT sweating?

    1.  Lack of hydration. Oh THAT. It's true.  Up until the bootcamp, and its suggested.. or is it required(?)... 96 oz of water daily.  I am definitely GUILTY of not even having a ONE glass of water in a day. I know, its AWFUL.  I'm living life extremely dehydrated.  I know, I know, it is not good.  But thankfully a little lesson from Candice, our RD from fitmixer, really hit home.  She gave us this bit of knowledge:
      • Another important aspect of water is the effect on our kidneys. When we are dehydrated, our kidneys have to work twice as hard to clear toxins from our bodies, when this happens, our liver pitches in to help out our kidneys. When this happens, the liver is unable to do one of it’s primary jobs which is to burn stored fat for energy – YIKES! When we are working so hard to lower our body fat, it is really necessary to utilize every avenue we can, this includes staying hydrated so that our liver can do it’s job.
    I also learned that when you're dehydrated your heart rate can increase to dangerous levels, and you can get dizzy, weak and confused because your brain and organs are receiving less oxygen. 

    Okay, I'm convinced.  It is NOT cute to be a rebel in this area.  We are talking about MAJOR ORGANS here. No one messes with my organs! Not even me.  After my not so distant loss of core iron and minerals stores and all its complications, I don't take this lightly.

    2.   Women have evolved sweat glands.  Ok, this sounds like the whole "glow" theory, but its actually true!  Did you know we actually have more sweat glands than men?  And though men sweat buckets (true in my husbands 'cause!), its not because they have MORE sweat glands, it's because their bodies don't regulate H2O loss as well as a woman.  So as soon as their bodies start to heat up, they sweat.  It's also why women bloat.  We get all the luck don't we?

    3.  Sweating is not the only way that the body cools itself.  There is also:
      1. Radiation - this is when heat radiates from your skin.  You've seen it.  A runner on a cold morning, steam cloud surrounding him or her.
      2. Conduction - which is the transfer of heat.  Last Sunday's marathoners were encouraged to get in an ice water bath so that the water could absorb the heat from their overheated bodies.
      3. Convection - or where moving air cools you down.  Remember standing in front of grandma's window fan and going "aaaaahhhhh" on a hot summer day?  ........ugh, am I dating myself again?
      4. Evaporation - this is SWEATING people.  The water in your blood rises to the skins surface, absorbing heat along the way. Once at the surface via your sweat glands, it can evaporate and cool you down.
    The last two fitmixer workouts involved some serious TABATA and something they called the FULL HOUSE.  Let me tell you now, they sound like fun and they even make them LOOK like fun.  And then when you actually DO them, you realize what masterminds these ladies are at getting you to WORK and/or suffer. 

    You decide. 

    Here are the parameters: Each card number determines the number of reps and the suit determines the exercise (see below). Face cards equal 10 reps, aces equal 11. Shuffle the full deck, then pick the top card and complete the corresponding exercise. Continue until you've completed the whole deck of cards. No rest in between.
    • Hearts: Burpees
    • Diamonds: Jack-Squats
    • Spades: Jack Push-ups
    • Clubs: Reverse Crunches
    Seems fun right?  It is, until your body is screaming after your 56th burpee and it occurs to you in this madness that you are going to have to do 96 EACH of these.  

    Now, it could be the recent and HUGE increase in water intake, or the fact that it was 91 degrees out the day I decided to do these, OR that I've NEVER tried anything like this in my LIFE, but guess what?

    I did not glow.
    I did not perspire.
    For the first time ever, I not only felt the heat radiating from my skin,
    I. did. sweat. 
    Perspiration running off my head.

    Remember Amanda's response when she cries for the first time in the movie "The Holiday"? No? Then watch the first minute here (watch the whole thing if you're a sap like me :)

    Yeah, it went something like that. Except no tears, just sweat.  Oh, and no English chauffeur and.....oh, well - you get it.

    So how about you?

    Do you glow or do you sweat?

    Monday, May 21, 2012

    Monday Weigh in: Results

    I want to live a healthier and happier life.  That's why I eat the way I do.  That is why I am now physically active.  That is something that can't be measured.

    But I'll admit it, a lot of the time,  I do what I do for results.  For me, on my list of whys, right after happy and healthy, is RESULTS!  I need to lose weight.  And that is completely measurable.  So when I step on that scale, I want to see it rolling back.

    Today we sent in our first week weigh-ins for the Fitmixer Bootcamp
    RESULT? -4.8 LBS  Yes!!! 
    Again, following an eating plan and working out consistently WORKS. 
    Shocking, I know.

    I'm not the only one who does what I do for results.  Exhibit 2 is the Cellcom Marathon that went on in Green Bay.  Did you hear about it?  It got canceled about 2.5 hours into the event due to high heat and humidity.  The worse part was when they started barricading the finish line with runners coming up to it!!

    Knowing how much dedication, training, sweat, blood, tears and time that goes into training for a Marathon - not personally of course, but from all of you! - I was devastated for them!

    Confusion as they block the finish line. Source GB Press Gazette
    The event planners decided to remove the barricades, and put up orange cones indicating the course was closed and let the MANY runners who decided to continue and finish the marathon use the course at their own discretion.

    Those that finished before the event was called off, received their chip times and placement.  For those that continued after the course closed, they did not, the timers had been turned off.  Watching the news last night, the first place finisher of the woman's marathon came up to the finish line shortly after they had closed the course.  Crushing.

    When interviewing participants it was the same response: 

    I don't know if my RESULTS are going to even count. 
    I wonder if I will get my RESULTS. 

    And once they realized they couldn't control the situation.  The would concede - its all about finishing anyway.  I wasn't going to stop.  I did it, no matter what ends up happening.

    So yes.  It's about the RESULTS.  But whether we finally get our hoped for RESULTS, or chase them for years, eventually we realize that it was really about the JOURNEY.  It's doing something you never thought you would or could. 

    And it's just as satisfying.

    So, did you hear about the Cellcom Marathon?
    What do you think about planners calling the race due to heat/humidity?

    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    You can't touch this!

    I did it!  Completed the first week of the fitmixer bootcamp. It's been great. 

    My "I'm GOING to finish this WORKout" face
    Challenging? Yes.
    Time-consuming? Yes.
    Worth it?  YES!

    On Friday I headed over to my favorite after work zumba class at the Y.  It's usually a fun way to dis-engage from work preoccupations and usually a good buffer for what is usually fun FOOD night in our house.  This week I thought it would be a fun way to end a week that has been brutal to my muscles. 

    When I arrived, I saw a note on the door:

    2 hours of zumba
    4 instructors!!!!

    Sweet!  I've always wanted to try to make it to one of these. Now, I knew my muscles were sore.  But as we did some of those moves, especially the ab moves, WOW, it was like my stomach and sides were on FIRE.  Zumba FUEGO!  Squat moves, arm work - about an hour into it - every inch of me felt like lead. 

    I was EXHAUSTED by the time it was done.  I could not have zumba'd a moment longer.  What an end to an intense week!  It was still AMAZINGLY fun as always.  Those zumba instructors are plain awesome and so energetic. 

    At one point they did a zumba routine to Hammer time.  Too funny!  And we actually "broke it down."  This is were the room was split.  You could see all of us more experienced ladies working the move and getting a big kick out of it. 

    The younger girls, were bewildered, fumbling, but still very genuinely amused with all of us who knew the move (or who thought we knew the move.)  If you are too young to have any idea what I'm talking about, here he is: MC Hammer, for your viewing pleasure:

    In other news, I celebrated a birthday!!  Yes.  I started the boot camp the week of my birthday, Getting older is DEFINITELY a great motivator to get healthier. 

    So is birthday cake.

    If you're wondering, I DID have a slice, and it did NOT fit in my calorie plan.  The end. 
    Besides said cake and frosting, the hubs bought me a Kindle Fire (yay for my guy!). 

    I am loving it!  I  don't have to wait in line with him and the kids now just to get a turn on the computer and log my food on myfitnesspal, watch the boot camp video, check my email, or read your blogs, not to mention how it will save space on books.  My extensive library currently needs more room than any of the children

    Anyone else have a kindle? 
    What features do you like the most?  
    Any must have apps I need to download?

    Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    Protein Puzzle

    There is a lot to figure out the past few days for the fitmixer bootcamp.   It's been a challenge. Like putting together a puzzle.  I like puzzles. Good thing, cause I might have given up already. 

    Let's talk meal plan.  So here are the goals I was given by the registered dietitian:

    Calories: 1200-1300
    Carbohydrates:  150 grams
    Protein:  90 grams
    Fat: 27 grams

    Calories are no surprise for me.  It's consistent with every other plan and weight loss tool I've used.  Carbs are in line too.  Protein on the other hand is much higher than what I have been eating.  I've been in the range of 45-60g eating a plant based diet.  So I've had to work at getting to that mark. 

    I decided to plan my meals as usual, then see what I need to add to ramp up the protein.  My go to meal is a veggie bowl.  This particular one was:

    1/2c brown rice
    1/2c broccoli
    1/2c chickpea salsa

    Usually I would stop there, but that only got me to 11 grams of protein.  Goal for dinner is 20 grams.  What to add?  I would have loved to add more chickpeas, but alas I had to keep it to 350 cal's too.  Since the chickpea salsa had a Mediterranean flare, I took a peek at the protein in some fat free feta cheese crumbles: 8 grams in 1/4c and only 40 cals in a serving.  CHEESE! Perfect!  Cheese completely makes a meal seem indulgent.  And here is what I ended up with:

    I could have completely loaded up on more broccoli to get the additional 8 grams I had with the cheese.  Usually in trying to get volume in my meals I would have.  But 6 meals a day in this plan has been working well at keeping cravings at bay.  It feels like I'm constantly having to jump up to grab the next round of food.

    People always ask me if I get enough protein.  And the answer has been yes.  And with awesome products like fitmixer protein drinks, I can ramp up on protein when I am working out bootcamp style.

    There is plenty of protein in vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, with soy and legumes coming in as the heavy hitters in protein for vegetarians.  Soybeans weigh in at 29g of protein - completely keeping up with 3.5oz of chicken breast which has 30g, and lentils come in at 18g per serving, most legumes come up in the teens.

    Check out which has a great article for more plant based protein sources.

    And speaking about those workouts.  Wow!  New terms on day 2 and 3:  Isometrics and Tabata.  It is a test in patience, and an investment of time for me!  Not only am I learning what these are, I have to take time to watch the videos a few times and practice the motions as these are totally new to me and I have to really watch and work on form.

    Nevertheless, I know it's only the first week, so I am taking the time to do it, and am DEFINITELY getting good workouts.  I know because I am becoming AWARE of muscles in my body that I didn't know EXISTED before this week.

    AND I am soooo tired! 

    Anyone else a newbie at all of this?  How are you doing Week 1?

    Monday, May 14, 2012

    Bootcamp: Day 1

    I still can't believe I am doing this.  Day one is HERE. 

    So this weekend I received this in the mail:

    I was so stinkin' excited! I was surprised at how heavy the box was when I lifted it.  And when I pulled out the contents I understood why. Look at that protein powder!  I thought it was really comical.  Seriously?  Guess I've never taken my supplemental shakes so seriously before.

    I also received a nutrition plan and we get daily workouts each evening for the next day.

    I have never tried to balance my carbohydrates/protein/fats so this is a challenge for me.  Usually I just worked to keep my calories in check and eat whole foods on the Eat to Live plan.  But I was successful today and I hope it gets easier as we go.

    I did have to spent some time researching food with the highest protein content.   I don't usually have non-plant foods during the week.  It's just how I've balanced my eating and weight loss.  But today I had to incorporate dairy and fish - which are in the 'occasionally' category for me.  Occassionally for me means once every 3-6 months.  I'd rather keep it that way if I can,  so I'll have to get more creative.  Ideas?

    Here is today's eats:

    Bfast:  Protein Shake - vanilla, 1/2 banana, cinnamon - blended with ice-  mmm creamy.
    MSnack: Slim Shake - choco (yum!) and 1c pea pods
    Lunch: Greek Yogurt, 1-1/2 c strawberries
    ASnack: Protein Shake, 1 slice Ezekiel bread
    Dinner: 4oz salmon, 1/2 c brown rice, 1 c broccoli
    NSnack:  1 oz Rice Chips (a recent whole foods find - have to post about this soon!)
    Amino Drinks - 16oz

    So far I like the products.  I know I didn't cut it in some areas with the food, but was able to hit the protein goal and water intake today.  So all is good.  What is SORELY missing are my VEGGIES! I am use to MUCH more than what I consumed today. I plan on incorporating a salad at lunch and probably greens in the AM shake as well.

    As for the work out, we had to do a fitness test today.  HA!

    Was it ever intense.  Picture the people from biggest loser on the first day of workout.  Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but at certain points it sure FELT that way.  I learned new terms like:  Burpees, Plyometric Lunge and Side Hover Dips.  Let me tell you, this stuff is the real deal, just as I suspected.  This was the part that made me hesitate most, but I am really PSYCHED that I am finally taking it on.

    My arms were shaking and my sides are sore already!  Think we shall be sculpting, hmmm? 


    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    One fine weekend

    Hope all you had a  great mother's day with your kids and/or your momma's. As for this crew we headed to the big city of Milwaukee for some friend and family face time.

    Even though hubby and I both grew up in the Mil, we acted like complete tourists this weekend and found out that our city has changed since we lived there.  Like the public market that now stands where the distributor buildings, and all their chaos, use to be is now filled with lovely shops and yummy eateries. 

    On Friday our dear friends took hubby and I out for dinner.  Their awesome kids (teenagers now) volunteered to entertain our kids at their house and throw a pizza and dance party.  The kiddos thought they were so awesome.

     We spent Saturday in a small suburb.  The small surrounding towns have stepped it up a notch and added beautiful walkways and revitalized their Main Streets.  Now there are quaint antique shops, retro cafes, artist galleries, and cute little cupcake, coffee and chocolate shops.  Yum!  We did a little shopping and a bit of tasting.  Best of all their farmer's market runs adjacent to this active little river. So beautiful.

    But the high point of the trip was a stop at this well known place.  Yes.  For reals.

    I know for many of you it's an everyday stop.  But for me, the nearest one is two hours away.  And never seems to be high on the agenda when we usually make trips down to see friends and family.  So it was one of my Mother's Day wishes to add it to the itinerary! My very first visit!  I KNOW! I can hear your collective gasps of shock.

    Just as I suspected the salad and food bar's were aMAzing!  I nabbed a bit of this while we were there...sooo good! I could eat there every day!  So many options and variations to put together. Wow!

    Also scored a bit of this that I've seen bloggers raving about...also a thumbs up, although hubby didn't appreciate it much..he thought it tasted like grass, lol!  I told him it must be the hibiscus, ha!

    My exhilaration must have been contagious, 'cause soon hubby was also mesmerized.  He joined me in filling our basket with all kinds of elusive goodies to try out.  He even started strategizing how we could incorporate stops here just so we could hit up the food bars.  Yay!

    It was a good weekend.  Before heading home we had to stop at the old renovated water pump station alongside the lakefront, aka Alterra, for some much needed caffeine sipping by the water.  It was a gorgeous day, so we let the kids kick off their shoes and play catch me if you can with the waves.

    Oh yes, a happy mother's day weekend indeed. 

    Friday, May 11, 2012

    Boot Camp!

    I am so excited! After lots of deliberation, I worked up the courage to sign up for the boot camp. Seriously, I had oldlazyme and newhealthyme on each shoulder arguing it out.

    Here were oldlazyme's points:
    • Summertime means cookout and day trip time! So many yummy, social opportunities to eat!
    • I'm going on vacation in June and will be stopping off to see family who are INFAMOUS for awesome cooking.
    • Schedules are all over the place in summer - can you really stick to it?
    • What if you can't do the workouts? I mean, this looks hardcore.
    • What's the rush to finish losing weight? Take your tiiiiiiiime.
    Here is newhealthyme's rebuttal:
    • Ummmm...DUH! Thank you for pointing out exactly why we need to do this!
    • Summertime is full of food traps and over-indulgence opportunities.
    • You are going on vacation! We need to look GOOD!
    • You DO NOT do well without accountability.
    • You probably CAN'T do the workouts. Wouldn't it be awesome to finally say YOU CAN at the end of it?
    • It IS TIME to finish losing the weight. What are you WAITING for??!!

    May 14th it begins. I'm nervously excited. Lets do it!!!!

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Why veggies?

    Vegetables.  Its like a bad word to some.  Add green vegetables and you may downright offend some people.  How do I know?  That was me!

    Growing up my parents only bought canned vegetables.  Is it any wonder why I never grew affectionate?  All we had at home was green beans, corn and peas.  And all from a can.  I hate to admit it, but I think they warmed them in the juices from the can.  Ugh.

    If we were lucky, they'd be swimming in butter and salt. 

    It didn't help.

    So  how did I come to start munching on veggies?  I'll tell you the secret.  Ready?

    Brace yourself.


    Turns out that vegetables have nutrients!  Can you believe it? And when you eat the stuff, your body gets FED, and has an amazing ability to HEAL itself.  And, let me tell you about RAW veggies.  They are awesome at:


    That means, if I wanted to clear out all the crap I had been eating, I had to incorporate veggies.  So if I wanted to flush out all the processed, preservative, non-organic who knows what the heck is in it, food I was consuming, and that was making me sick (see my About page), munching on veggies was my answer!

    Know what I found out? Eating veggies, even just a little bit at breakfast then at lunch for snacks AND also at dinner,


    Yes, it's true!  I mean, I had heard quiet whispers that this could happen.  But I certainly didn't know anyone personally that had experienced it.  Come on, filling up on rabbit food?  But it did! And soon I was:


    I mean who would have thought.  I swear I was eating volumes more than any diet I had ever been on, and yet the pounds were melting off?!  I was literally eating this stuff until I couldn't anymore. Stuffed! Full!  I mean, I do have a big appetite that I had been feeding liberally for a LONG, long time.  How could it be?


    I feel lighter.  I don't get indigestion, gas - not one belly ache. Not even when I eat BEANS!  Seriously, my digestive system has never worked like the clockwork it was intended to be since I started eating my veggies.

    and YUM-O! 

    My world is full of color now.   I've discovered strange and exotic foods like: 

    KALE, ArTiChOkES, BRUSSEL SPROUTS and arUgula.

    I honestly didn't think I would come to love veggies the way I do now, or the way I crave them when I wander away from them.  There are so many great dishes that I had never imagined, all with veggies.  Now when I make veggies for friends and family they are always amazed how great simple, pure ingredients taste.

    Sounds like their veggie history was like mine.

    How about you?  Is it time to venture into the beautiful foodie world of munching on veggies?!

    In case you were hesitating, the answer is:  YES.