Saturday, May 19, 2012

You can't touch this!

I did it!  Completed the first week of the fitmixer bootcamp. It's been great. 

My "I'm GOING to finish this WORKout" face
Challenging? Yes.
Time-consuming? Yes.
Worth it?  YES!

On Friday I headed over to my favorite after work zumba class at the Y.  It's usually a fun way to dis-engage from work preoccupations and usually a good buffer for what is usually fun FOOD night in our house.  This week I thought it would be a fun way to end a week that has been brutal to my muscles. 

When I arrived, I saw a note on the door:

2 hours of zumba
4 instructors!!!!

Sweet!  I've always wanted to try to make it to one of these. Now, I knew my muscles were sore.  But as we did some of those moves, especially the ab moves, WOW, it was like my stomach and sides were on FIRE.  Zumba FUEGO!  Squat moves, arm work - about an hour into it - every inch of me felt like lead. 

I was EXHAUSTED by the time it was done.  I could not have zumba'd a moment longer.  What an end to an intense week!  It was still AMAZINGLY fun as always.  Those zumba instructors are plain awesome and so energetic. 

At one point they did a zumba routine to Hammer time.  Too funny!  And we actually "broke it down."  This is were the room was split.  You could see all of us more experienced ladies working the move and getting a big kick out of it. 

The younger girls, were bewildered, fumbling, but still very genuinely amused with all of us who knew the move (or who thought we knew the move.)  If you are too young to have any idea what I'm talking about, here he is: MC Hammer, for your viewing pleasure:

In other news, I celebrated a birthday!!  Yes.  I started the boot camp the week of my birthday, Getting older is DEFINITELY a great motivator to get healthier. 

So is birthday cake.

If you're wondering, I DID have a slice, and it did NOT fit in my calorie plan.  The end. 
Besides said cake and frosting, the hubs bought me a Kindle Fire (yay for my guy!). 

I am loving it!  I  don't have to wait in line with him and the kids now just to get a turn on the computer and log my food on myfitnesspal, watch the boot camp video, check my email, or read your blogs, not to mention how it will save space on books.  My extensive library currently needs more room than any of the children

Anyone else have a kindle? 
What features do you like the most?  
Any must have apps I need to download?

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!

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