Sunday, May 13, 2012

One fine weekend

Hope all you had a  great mother's day with your kids and/or your momma's. As for this crew we headed to the big city of Milwaukee for some friend and family face time.

Even though hubby and I both grew up in the Mil, we acted like complete tourists this weekend and found out that our city has changed since we lived there.  Like the public market that now stands where the distributor buildings, and all their chaos, use to be is now filled with lovely shops and yummy eateries. 

On Friday our dear friends took hubby and I out for dinner.  Their awesome kids (teenagers now) volunteered to entertain our kids at their house and throw a pizza and dance party.  The kiddos thought they were so awesome.

 We spent Saturday in a small suburb.  The small surrounding towns have stepped it up a notch and added beautiful walkways and revitalized their Main Streets.  Now there are quaint antique shops, retro cafes, artist galleries, and cute little cupcake, coffee and chocolate shops.  Yum!  We did a little shopping and a bit of tasting.  Best of all their farmer's market runs adjacent to this active little river. So beautiful.

But the high point of the trip was a stop at this well known place.  Yes.  For reals.

I know for many of you it's an everyday stop.  But for me, the nearest one is two hours away.  And never seems to be high on the agenda when we usually make trips down to see friends and family.  So it was one of my Mother's Day wishes to add it to the itinerary! My very first visit!  I KNOW! I can hear your collective gasps of shock.

Just as I suspected the salad and food bar's were aMAzing!  I nabbed a bit of this while we were there...sooo good! I could eat there every day!  So many options and variations to put together. Wow!

Also scored a bit of this that I've seen bloggers raving about...also a thumbs up, although hubby didn't appreciate it much..he thought it tasted like grass, lol!  I told him it must be the hibiscus, ha!

My exhilaration must have been contagious, 'cause soon hubby was also mesmerized.  He joined me in filling our basket with all kinds of elusive goodies to try out.  He even started strategizing how we could incorporate stops here just so we could hit up the food bars.  Yay!

It was a good weekend.  Before heading home we had to stop at the old renovated water pump station alongside the lakefront, aka Alterra, for some much needed caffeine sipping by the water.  It was a gorgeous day, so we let the kids kick off their shoes and play catch me if you can with the waves.

Oh yes, a happy mother's day weekend indeed. 

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