Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why veggies?

Vegetables.  Its like a bad word to some.  Add green vegetables and you may downright offend some people.  How do I know?  That was me!

Growing up my parents only bought canned vegetables.  Is it any wonder why I never grew affectionate?  All we had at home was green beans, corn and peas.  And all from a can.  I hate to admit it, but I think they warmed them in the juices from the can.  Ugh.

If we were lucky, they'd be swimming in butter and salt. 

It didn't help.

So  how did I come to start munching on veggies?  I'll tell you the secret.  Ready?

Brace yourself.


Turns out that vegetables have nutrients!  Can you believe it? And when you eat the stuff, your body gets FED, and has an amazing ability to HEAL itself.  And, let me tell you about RAW veggies.  They are awesome at:


That means, if I wanted to clear out all the crap I had been eating, I had to incorporate veggies.  So if I wanted to flush out all the processed, preservative, non-organic who knows what the heck is in it, food I was consuming, and that was making me sick (see my About page), munching on veggies was my answer!

Know what I found out? Eating veggies, even just a little bit at breakfast then at lunch for snacks AND also at dinner,


Yes, it's true!  I mean, I had heard quiet whispers that this could happen.  But I certainly didn't know anyone personally that had experienced it.  Come on, filling up on rabbit food?  But it did! And soon I was:


I mean who would have thought.  I swear I was eating volumes more than any diet I had ever been on, and yet the pounds were melting off?!  I was literally eating this stuff until I couldn't anymore. Stuffed! Full!  I mean, I do have a big appetite that I had been feeding liberally for a LONG, long time.  How could it be?


I feel lighter.  I don't get indigestion, gas - not one belly ache. Not even when I eat BEANS!  Seriously, my digestive system has never worked like the clockwork it was intended to be since I started eating my veggies.

and YUM-O! 

My world is full of color now.   I've discovered strange and exotic foods like: 


I honestly didn't think I would come to love veggies the way I do now, or the way I crave them when I wander away from them.  There are so many great dishes that I had never imagined, all with veggies.  Now when I make veggies for friends and family they are always amazed how great simple, pure ingredients taste.

Sounds like their veggie history was like mine.

How about you?  Is it time to venture into the beautiful foodie world of munching on veggies?!

In case you were hesitating, the answer is:  YES.

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