Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Weigh in: Results

I want to live a healthier and happier life.  That's why I eat the way I do.  That is why I am now physically active.  That is something that can't be measured.

But I'll admit it, a lot of the time,  I do what I do for results.  For me, on my list of whys, right after happy and healthy, is RESULTS!  I need to lose weight.  And that is completely measurable.  So when I step on that scale, I want to see it rolling back.

Today we sent in our first week weigh-ins for the Fitmixer Bootcamp
RESULT? -4.8 LBS  Yes!!! 
Again, following an eating plan and working out consistently WORKS. 
Shocking, I know.

I'm not the only one who does what I do for results.  Exhibit 2 is the Cellcom Marathon that went on in Green Bay.  Did you hear about it?  It got canceled about 2.5 hours into the event due to high heat and humidity.  The worse part was when they started barricading the finish line with runners coming up to it!!

Knowing how much dedication, training, sweat, blood, tears and time that goes into training for a Marathon - not personally of course, but from all of you! - I was devastated for them!

Confusion as they block the finish line. Source GB Press Gazette
The event planners decided to remove the barricades, and put up orange cones indicating the course was closed and let the MANY runners who decided to continue and finish the marathon use the course at their own discretion.

Those that finished before the event was called off, received their chip times and placement.  For those that continued after the course closed, they did not, the timers had been turned off.  Watching the news last night, the first place finisher of the woman's marathon came up to the finish line shortly after they had closed the course.  Crushing.

When interviewing participants it was the same response: 

I don't know if my RESULTS are going to even count. 
I wonder if I will get my RESULTS. 

And once they realized they couldn't control the situation.  The would concede - its all about finishing anyway.  I wasn't going to stop.  I did it, no matter what ends up happening.

So yes.  It's about the RESULTS.  But whether we finally get our hoped for RESULTS, or chase them for years, eventually we realize that it was really about the JOURNEY.  It's doing something you never thought you would or could. 

And it's just as satisfying.

So, did you hear about the Cellcom Marathon?
What do you think about planners calling the race due to heat/humidity?

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