Monday, May 14, 2012

Bootcamp: Day 1

I still can't believe I am doing this.  Day one is HERE. 

So this weekend I received this in the mail:

I was so stinkin' excited! I was surprised at how heavy the box was when I lifted it.  And when I pulled out the contents I understood why. Look at that protein powder!  I thought it was really comical.  Seriously?  Guess I've never taken my supplemental shakes so seriously before.

I also received a nutrition plan and we get daily workouts each evening for the next day.

I have never tried to balance my carbohydrates/protein/fats so this is a challenge for me.  Usually I just worked to keep my calories in check and eat whole foods on the Eat to Live plan.  But I was successful today and I hope it gets easier as we go.

I did have to spent some time researching food with the highest protein content.   I don't usually have non-plant foods during the week.  It's just how I've balanced my eating and weight loss.  But today I had to incorporate dairy and fish - which are in the 'occasionally' category for me.  Occassionally for me means once every 3-6 months.  I'd rather keep it that way if I can,  so I'll have to get more creative.  Ideas?

Here is today's eats:

Bfast:  Protein Shake - vanilla, 1/2 banana, cinnamon - blended with ice-  mmm creamy.
MSnack: Slim Shake - choco (yum!) and 1c pea pods
Lunch: Greek Yogurt, 1-1/2 c strawberries
ASnack: Protein Shake, 1 slice Ezekiel bread
Dinner: 4oz salmon, 1/2 c brown rice, 1 c broccoli
NSnack:  1 oz Rice Chips (a recent whole foods find - have to post about this soon!)
Amino Drinks - 16oz

So far I like the products.  I know I didn't cut it in some areas with the food, but was able to hit the protein goal and water intake today.  So all is good.  What is SORELY missing are my VEGGIES! I am use to MUCH more than what I consumed today. I plan on incorporating a salad at lunch and probably greens in the AM shake as well.

As for the work out, we had to do a fitness test today.  HA!

Was it ever intense.  Picture the people from biggest loser on the first day of workout.  Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but at certain points it sure FELT that way.  I learned new terms like:  Burpees, Plyometric Lunge and Side Hover Dips.  Let me tell you, this stuff is the real deal, just as I suspected.  This was the part that made me hesitate most, but I am really PSYCHED that I am finally taking it on.

My arms were shaking and my sides are sore already!  Think we shall be sculpting, hmmm? 



  1. Wasn't the fit test awesome? I am in love and only just finished day 2 haha!!

    I am excited to see how you do :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, although I am completely intimidated, I am loving the feel of my muscles being disturbed. Cannot wait to see improvement on those beginning stats.

    2. I agree and am TOTALLY intimidated to, but excited to see how my body changes.