Friday, May 11, 2012

Boot Camp!

I am so excited! After lots of deliberation, I worked up the courage to sign up for the boot camp. Seriously, I had oldlazyme and newhealthyme on each shoulder arguing it out.

Here were oldlazyme's points:
  • Summertime means cookout and day trip time! So many yummy, social opportunities to eat!
  • I'm going on vacation in June and will be stopping off to see family who are INFAMOUS for awesome cooking.
  • Schedules are all over the place in summer - can you really stick to it?
  • What if you can't do the workouts? I mean, this looks hardcore.
  • What's the rush to finish losing weight? Take your tiiiiiiiime.
Here is newhealthyme's rebuttal:
  • Ummmm...DUH! Thank you for pointing out exactly why we need to do this!
  • Summertime is full of food traps and over-indulgence opportunities.
  • You are going on vacation! We need to look GOOD!
  • You DO NOT do well without accountability.
  • You probably CAN'T do the workouts. Wouldn't it be awesome to finally say YOU CAN at the end of it?
  • It IS TIME to finish losing the weight. What are you WAITING for??!!

May 14th it begins. I'm nervously excited. Lets do it!!!!

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