Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Though technically not correct.  Just reflecting on some of the yummy stuff  I've had recently.  Lots of new stuff for me!

  • Ethiopian Millet, Mushroom Tibs and Sauteed Collards. From the amazing Isa.  Let me warn you that the mushrooms were SUPER spicy! Even for this spice loving chick.  There are a bajillion spices in this dish, but I absolutely loved it!  Made it again already and pulled the curry powder.  Just as yum with some heat, but that simple fix made it something I will definitely be making regularly - COMFORT food!!
  • Larabar Sale!!!! New flavors for me including Lemon?!. And the cookie dough. Craaazy good.
  • Sweet and Spicy Dates!  It's not too late to hop on board the Meatless Monday A-Z train! Go check out Heather's blog for more Date recipes!  Next week is edamame!
  • Salad with hummus for dressing - not new, but always seems like an indulgence.
  • Tuscan Kale Soup
  • Artichoke!! with some leftover Ethiopian millet.  What an adventure to clean one of these lovelies!
  • Green Tea Kombucha. I am still getting use to green tea.  Liked this one - clean, refreshing, and it makes me feel good about myself!
  • Fro-yo!!  I may be the last person on the earth that had not had fro-yo. Well at least in my suburb.  A new Smart Cow store opened at the beginning of summer, the only fro-yo place around, and you would have thought there was money at the bottom of each cup.  Its has been PACKED.  And our girlies have been pleading with us to go.  I had a vanilla bean with sea salt caramel pretzel,  (aka fro-yo crack) and strawberries - oh my yum! and I am addicted!
  • Falafel, another Isa recipe. It was my first try making homemade falafel.   They were great - but seriously I think I would eat anything chickpea based - addicting!
  • Gala Apple Salad with Shittake Vinagrette, Feta and Almonds - oh joy!

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  1. I'm the same way: Chickpea anything is a go with me.
    I also love spicy food. Unfortunately, the rest of my family isn't as crazy about spicy as I am. ; )