Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Sweaties

I love Saturday workouts.
Saturday I can extend my workout time, try something new, do something fun - well, the possibilities are endless!  No early morning, time stressed worries.  No time budgeting or rushing to get somewhere else. I can get sweaty and take a leisurely shower, take my time to fix my hair and get into some cute and comfy clothes feeling FIERCE!
This week was a long and busy one at work, so I came up short on logging in workout days. 
Today I was determined to get sweaty!!
For some people that would mean easing into a workout so as not to over do it. 
THAT is completely rational.
I am not always so rational.
So I pulled together a bunch of my favorite moves for a hurts-so-good session I called -
Give me 50!
     50 reps of each
Box Jumps
Jumping Jacks
Pull Downs*
Curls (per arm)*
Triceps OH Extensions (per arm)*
Side Kicks (per side)
Walking Lunges
Frog Jumps
Squat Jumps
Upright Ab Twists*
Leg Lifts
*with weights
This was great!  Loved it.  Body is SCREAMING!  Verdict? Hurts so good!

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