Monday, July 9, 2012

Bringing it all together

This is the 9th week in the 12 week Fitmixer bootcamp. Time for a quick recap time as we enter the last leg of this challenge:
  • I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish physically in these 9 weeks.  
  • Weeks 7 and 8 were definitely slump weeks - vacation and a holiday just does that to me.
  • I am a rebel when it comes to food. Shocker, right?  You don't get to be obese unless you're a rebel about food.  I want to do what I want to do.  Always seem to be making exceptions, because there always seems to be some event or reason to make an exception!
  • On the positive, I am down about 8 lbs.  But have bounced around the same numbers the last two weeks.
What if - I actually ate right AND followed the workout sessions? 

I confess, I have only been able to concentrate on one at a time.  If I'm eating well, spending the time to plan, shop, cook, ward off temptations, well then I am not exercising.  And in this time of the most committed workout plan of my LIFE, I have been failing in the eating department.  A little of this, a little of that - BLT's are undermining all my hard, SWEATY, work.

If I am working out consistently, then that is where my time has gone.  Most sessions take me 50-100% more than the estimated time to complete.  It's new to me!  It is homework for me to figure out these exercises that I have never laid eyes on in my life!  It is effort to get this body into the correct posture, positions it has never been asked to do, so that I don't hurt myself.  It takes time to get my house, and the little people in it, in order so that I CAN get the time and space to workout. 

But it's worth it.  Absolutely.

I am so glad that I have put the time in.  Just like when I had to overhaul my pantry, my recipes, my way of looking and thinking about food in the first leg of my journey, this effort has been necessary and I know it will pay off.

What if - I actually ate right AND followed the workout sessions? 

We are rolling back into our regular schedule on the home front this week.  AND hubby is working a solid July (poor hubby), but that DOES mean, that I am fully in control of the house menu.  I really love hubby, but he is a detriment to my diet.  He is absolutely encouraging, but he absolutely LOVES the foods he grew up eating - the starchiest, meatiest, not healthiest foods.  So now is my chance to get our meals back in order.

And since he is working, we will be spending more time at home which means I can set the homefront schedule too.  YES, set it around my workouts!

What if I commit to FINALLY pulling it all together?  Eat well AND move well.

Because I feel great when I eat clean. And the poundage DOES fall.
Because for 6 weeks straight I hit every single workout session, and never missed one! PR! )

I am a blink away from escaping an obese BMI.

What if I not only cross that line, but SMASH IT, by the end of this?

What if I can finally stop saying WHAT IF?!

Source: via Uyen on Pinterest


  1. Ha — I think that's what I also need to do! I have a different workout plan that's more intense (training for a race / working on finishing LiveFit) but I need to actually stick to my eating plan. PERIOD.

    I stuck to it for the first time last week (without any "off the books" stuff) and lost 4 lbs. I think the BF being gone was helpful because he talks me into eating naughty stuff.

  2. 4 lbs?! Way to go girlie!!

    I can(too)easily convince myself that the BLTs (Bite Licks Tastes) don't add up. But it is always OBVIOUS that they do when I actually stick to my plan.

    Cheers to STICKING TO IT!

  3. I feel the same way about the workouts. I take forever doing them. I feel like my posture sucks so I will yell to Boyfriend "Come look at my posture compared to the video and tell me how to fix it." Ha!

    You can do it, Girl :)

    1. Love it! I call hubby to spot check me to! Lol. Thanks chica!