Thursday, July 5, 2012

Now I'm a believer

Hello! I'm back. 

Well getting there anyway.  A drive from Wisconsin to Florida, non-stop, with three littles, takes a lot out of a girl. 

Who knew?

The big news is that while we were there and the rest of the country was sunny, and starving for some rain, we were in the midst of Tropical Storm Debby.  And we had front row seats!  Guess I can cross that of my bucket list.  Um...oh yeah, I'll add it first, then cross it off.


It eventually cleared up and the vacation was great.  Unfortunately our wi-fi was out at the resort after the storm, so I was completely cut off from my fitmixer workouts!

I did workout sessions fitmixer style (and all from memory) the first few days.  Then we were go, go, go taking advantage of the clearing skies the remaining days.  We walked MILES I am sure at the parks.  From about 9a to 12p we were on our feet.  My feet were shredded at the end of each day.  I would have paid anyone ready with a bucket to soak my feet in each night.

So you would have thought I would have avoided the extra vacation lbs - nope! Not yet! Food options are not stellar, and I know that when I am busy or tired, both of which occurred on our trip, my eating morals go down the drain.  Carb disasters!  Ah well, as dear Candice said, I can sweat it off.  And with the HIGH temps here this week, that shouldn't be a problem.

Being back home and back on schedule has been so welcome!  How I missed my GREENS!  There were few places that I could find greens that weren't pre-drenched in dressing.  And veggie burgers are yummy, but who can resist that side of fries.  Smart-me would have asked that they not bring them out.  But tired me, who was not doing a good job at sticking to eating 6x a day, was not so savvy.

I started Monday with a Full House workout (working through the entire deck of cards doing 4 exercises). Tuesday was strength moves.  Wednesday was a Tabata session (my favorite!).

My brain must still be on vacation because I completely forgot to drink my fitmixer aminos during the workouts, just had plain water.


Silly, silly me.

Through the last 7 weeks I have taken it religiously and while I have been sore most of those days, it wasn't awful or debilitating?

On Monday after nearly 100 jack squats combined with about 100 burpees, my inner thighs were totally shredded.  Jillian has nothing on those fitmixer ladies!

As the week has gone on my soreness has gotten progressively worse! And yesterday it finally occurred to me after my workout.  I forgot to drink my aminos!!! I am desperately regretting that oversight today.  I am walking around very awkwardly and if I am still for any length of time (desk job!), it is tougher to get moving normally.

Do I start gulping it down by the bucket today?  Maybe.  Am thinking it's going to have me extremely wired (it has caffeine), but my muscles are demanding it!

Wow, I am such a believer in those aminos now.  And I just noticed they are getting low!  Time for a re-order, stat!!


  1. I totally agree! My boyfriend and I are ADDICTED to the amino's. We are getting ready to order more.

    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks Lady! Appreciate the encouragement ;)